If a problem arises with your plumbing, having it rectified by a competent plumber is usually vital to maintain a comfortable home.

Whilst getting a written contract is often the best way to proceed whenever you have building work done, inevitably plumber disputes will arise over work carried out when there is no written contract in place.

Contract disputes without a contract

Even if there is no formal written contract for the work you have had done, legal sanctions for non-performance and breach of contract still apply and will protect your home and investment.

Consulting breach of contract lawyers at the earliest opportunity is essential for achieving a rapid conclusion and getting your plumbing work back on track.

Oratto member breach of contract lawyers are highly experienced in all areas of plumbing disputes. Sound legal advice from the right lawyer can help to resolve your situation quickly and amicably. Common disagreements arise from:

  • faulty or substandard work
  • completion of the project extending beyond agreed timescales
  • the price demanded not matching that of the estimate

Breach of contract solicitors can help you

Having fully functioning plumbing is fairly essential in a home. If you have a plumbing dispute with or without a contract, contact experienced solicitors from Oratto today.