Having private building work done is a significant investment for most people. Projects will often be a part of significant home renovations and therefore when something goes wrong (as it inevitably does sometimes) it's vital to act quickly to stop the situation escalating.

Seeking sound legal advice about your particular situation as a priority is a solid first step to take towards dispute resolution. Oratto member breach of contract lawyers have all the experience and skill needed to advise on your dispute.

Verbal contracts are contracts all the same

Many people assume that unless a written contract exists then there is no formal agreement in place and breach of contract sanctions will not apply. Whilst a written contract is the ideal, a verbal agreement is just as binding as a written one and you can still pursue the building company if a dispute arises.

Common breach of contract problems include:

  • not completing the agreed work to an acceptable standard
  • falling weeks or months behind the agreed work schedule
  • asking for further funds in order to complete the job

Finding the right breach of contract solicitor for your claim

Breach of contract lawyers can help with your dispute resolution process, whether this is drafting a formal letter to say that you are unhappy with the work, helping you to approach a relevant professional body or trade association, or advising on the county court action that you are ultimately entitled to take.

Contact Oratto so that we can put you in contact with the specialist solicitor for your claim and they can provide you with advice on tackling your private building work dispute.