Here you find a list of useful forms, and accompanying guidance notes, you may need when dealing with a deceased person’s estate.

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Grant of Representation (Probate and Letters of Administration)

The executors will need to complete this form to apply for a Grant of Representation. If the deceased left a Will, then the application will be for probate, and the original Will has to be included with the application form. If they did not leave a Will, then the application is for Letters of Administration. If you intend to attempt to complete and submit the Grant of Representation forms yourself, the Court fee is £215.

Grant of Representation (Probate and Letters of Administration)
PA1— Probate application DOWNLOAD

Inheritance Tax

You also need to submit a completed Inheritance Tax form, even if the estate is not likely to be subject to Inheritance tax. If the estate is under £5,000 then it will be classed as a small estate, and a grant of representation is not required.

Inheritance Tax
PA1— Probate application DOWNLOAD
IHT205 - Inheritance Tax return of estate information if the estate is unlikely to pay IHT DOWNLOAD
Notes to help you fill in form IHT205 DOWNLOAD
IHT400 - Inheritance Tax form (where IHT is likely to be due) DOWNLOAD
Guide to completing your Inheritance Tax account DOWNLOAD
Inheritance Tax account calculation DOWNLOAD
Inheritance Tax nil rate bands, limits and rates DOWNLOAD
Working out the interest on Inheritance Tax payments helpsheet DOWNLOAD
IHT 421 - Probate summary DOWNLOAD
IHT405 - Houses, land, buildings and interests in land DOWNLOAD
IHT401 - Domicile outside the United Kingdom DOWNLOAD
IHT413 - Business and partnership interests and assets DOWNLOAD
IHT415 - Interest in another estate DOWNLOAD
IHT419 - Debts owed by the deceased DOWNLOAD
IHT422 - Application for an Inheritance Tax Reference DOWNLOAD
IHT430 - Reduced rate of Inheritance Tax DOWNLOAD
IHT436 - Claim to transfer any unused residence nil rate band DOWNLOAD
Inheritance Tax Toolkit DOWNLOAD
Capital taxation and the National Heritage Information DOWNLOAD

Renunciation of Executor

If an executor or administrator decides not to carry out their duties and wishes to renounce, then they need to complete this form

Renunciation of Executor
PA10 — Renunciation (Will) - this means giving up the right to act as executor/administrator DOWNLOAD

Confirmation – Scotland

If the deceased lived in Scotland, then the executors will need to make an application for Confirmation, and the relevant Inheritance Tax, C5.

Confirmation – Scotland
C1 – Confirmation form DOWNLOAD
C2 – Inventory continued DOWNLOAD
C1 and C2 Combined confirmation and inventory (Scotland) DOWNLOAD
C3 -Notes to help you fill in form C1 Confirmation Inventory and form C5(2006) HM Revenue & Customs Return (Scotland) DOWNLOAD
C4 - Corrective Inventory and Account DOWNLOAD
C4 – Continuation sheet DOWNLOAD
C5 - Information about Small Estates (Scotland) DOWNLOAD

Lost Wills

If you are searching for a lost Will, you can either request a postal search of records if you are unsure of which Probate Registry granted the Probate, or if you know where the grant was issued, you can send a questionnaire to that office. Alternatively you can search for records online using the search facility on the website.

Lost Wills
Postal search of the Probate records of England and Wales DOWNLOAD
Form PA13: Lost Will questionnaire DOWNLOAD

Claiming on an Estate

The claim form below would be used in a contentious probate situation. There are useful guidance notes below for both the application and the defendant.

Claiming on an Estate
N2 - Claim Form (probate claim) DOWNLOAD
N2a - Probate Claim Notes for claimant on completing a claim form DOWNLOAD
N3 - Acknowledgment of service (probate claim) DOWNLOAD
N2b - Probate Claim - Notes for the defendant DOWNLOAD

Contest a Will

If you wish to challenge a Will, then you will need this form, and helpful guidance notes. If you are on the receiving end of a Will challenge, you may find the notes for the defendant helpful.

Contest a Will
Form N2: Contest a will - Make a court claim to challenge a probate decision DOWNLOAD
Probate Claim - Notes for claimant on completing a claim form DOWNLOAD
Probate Claim - Notes for the Defendant DOWNLOAD

Power of Attorney for an Executor or Beneficiary

Should a beneficiary or an executor/personal representative wish to appoint an attorney to act as their representative, then the appropriate form below is required.

Power of Attorney for an Executor or beneficiary
PA11 - Apply for power of attorney (Will) DOWNLOAD
PA 12 - Apply for power of attorney (Intestate) DOWNLOAD