When there has been a bereavement there are often lots of issues which will need attention. These range from legalities such as dealing with the Will, to sorting out the funeral, personal effects and the more practical matters of informing relatives and friends. All of this comes at a time which is likely to be emotionally difficult and having some professional support during the bereavement and probate process can be invaluable.

Oratto member lawyers are experienced in handling all of the practical aspects after the death of a loved one. At a time when everything can seem overwhelming it can be an enormous relief to have outside support to shoulder the burden. Solicitors featured in this section are highly experienced in offering just this level of support. Their knowledge and training means that they are very well-equipped to carry out the day to day practicalities in the wake of a bereavement.

By coming to Oratto, you can access bereavement and probate services advice very swiftly; a same day enquiry will usually yield a same day response. Our member lawyers understand how important time is when there are critical processes to go through. Occasionally a Will may be challenged, or need an element of international probate assistance, and if this is the case then speed is of the essence.

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Where do I start after a bereavement?

One of the first things to do is locate the Will. This will reveal who the executors (or administrators) are and, ideally, everyone should work in conjunction with the named individuals. Subsequent to this, a list of assets will be required, encompassing bank accounts, properties, assets abroad and any liabilities that the testator may have had. It's important to identify these swiftly.

There will be processes to go through according to the grant of probate, or intestacy rules if there is no Will, and it's very normal to feel overwhelmed. This is where Oratto member probate lawyers are able to step in and help. They are experienced in handling all aspects of the process following a death. They will be able to communicate with banks or building societies of the deceased and liaise with a property management company, estate agents or similar if there is property to be disposed of.

They will also liaise with other agencies such as pension providers, HM Revenue & Customs, and all debtors, so that any payments can be arranged and debts settled in a timely fashion.

What else might I need to consider after a bereavement?

Apart from the obvious legal processes, there are practicalities to address in the aftermath of a death. These may include:

  • arranging rentals of property
  • sorting out all aspects of selling property; from repairs and clearance to conducting viewings
  • selling of assets such as shares, investments etc
  • looking after a property, including garden maintenance, security and making emergency adjustments where necessary
  • arranging storage for excess furniture
  • sorting household goods and selling them on

We understand that it might be difficult to focus on carrying out these tasks immediately after the death of a loved one, which is why we can put you in contact with member lawyers who provide these sorts of services as part of their probate procedures. By passing over some of the responsibility to Oratto member lawyers you can make the grieving process a little easier.

Probate services made simple

Oratto member probate and bereavement services lawyers can work with your needs and provide a bespoke package, tailored to your requirements. All solicitors listed in this section of the Oratto website understand the sensitive, practical nature of the help needed after a bereavement and aim to remove some of the pressure from you.

When someone dies we all think of the Will, and perhaps administrating the estate, but with specialist advice from expert probate services lawyers there will be nothing left undone. Oratto member solicitors will provide advice and support as and when it's needed.

Contact Oratto today so that we can put you in touch with the right bereavement services lawyer for your needs.