For many people, a Magistrates' Court summons, or fixed penalty notice, following a motoring offence can be the only time they come into contact with criminal law proceedings. The unfamiliar process can lead to sleepless nights if you are worrying about fines, losing your driving licence or even your job. Having a motoring offence solicitor on your side can make the experience far less traumatic and damaging.

A motoring offence solicitor from Oratto's list of members will have an in-depth knowledge of relevant motoring case law and be highly skilled in how to examine the details of your situation. Road traffic law is full of procedures and protocols that must be followed exactly. Just one mistake by the police could mean your case is dismissed. Seeking prompt advice is imperative and gives our member lawyers the best chance of constructing a strong case for you.

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Speeding defence

Yes, there are certain defence arguments which can assist in relation to speeding claims. By talking to an expert motoring defence solicitor you can help yourself in ensuring that penalties are mitigated or dismissed entirely.

Each court has discretion not to endorse penalty points, so you don't have to just accept a speeding penalty if you had 'special reasons' at the time of the offence. But you must seek advice from a solicitor who is experienced in this field in order to ensure your defence is sound.

Oratto and defending a motoring offence case

When you’re facing prosecution for a road traffic offence you are probably worried about the impact on your driving licence. Whether it’s speeding, drink-driving or a dangerous driving charge – let Oratto assist you as search for the right legal advice. Our member motoring offence lawyers have all the expertise required to defend you.

Oratto can connect you instantly with a practitioner who has successfully defended a client against the type of road traffic offence that affects you.

So don’t worry alone – contact an Oratto member motoring offence solicitor today for expert advice tailored specifically to your case.