Oratto's member tech lawyers are based across the country, including all the major towns and cities of England, Scotland and Wales, and can work to advance your interests as they relate to information technology and software development.

Until now finding a tech lawyer with the right blend of expertise in intellectual property and information technology law could be difficult. However, by using the Oratto platform you can make an intelligent search of all our tech lawyers across the UK to find the specialist who is right for you.

All of the lawyers listed in this section are signed up to the Oratto Membership Code and all understand how to successfully operate in the IT software space. Whether you are an engineer, a developer, a producer or a consumer of software, you can have confidence in the ability of Oratto members to quickly and efficiently identify the key issues.

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The role of the tech lawyer

Tech and software development lawyers can assist with all the key legal, financial regulatory and intellectual property issues pertinent to the software development and engineering fields.

Oratto's member lawyers have earned their status and qualifications by having specialised understanding of the way that software is developed, licensed and sold – as well as the related areas of IP law, IT law, and general contract law.

Add value to your business today

Whatever your area of concern – software development, intellectual property, e-commerce, cloud computing, cybersecurity or others – you can rely on Oratto's member tech lawyers to add value to your business in this fast-changing and competitive environment.

Our members act for many different types of client, including software developers, app developers, virtual desktop providers and internet retailers.

Use the Oratto platform and find the tech lawyer who is right for you today.