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22 October 2016

The personal information of employees at 280 UK businesses may have been compromised following a data security incident at Sage.

22 October 2016

Anyone even remotely familiar with the legal system will be aware of the necessity to prove a case beyond what is known as ‘reasonable doubt’ in order to substantiate a charge being brought.

Such a standard requires prosecutors to advance evidence capable of overcoming any objection if they believe that an offence has indeed been committed.

22 October 2016

Along with being half of one of the UK’s best-loved comic partnerships, Ernie Wise merits a place in history for his part in a telecommunications breakthrough.

On New Year’s Day 1985, he made the country’s first ever mobile phone call, heralding mass adoption of devices which have become considerably smaller, more powerful and more relied-upon in the three decades since.

13 October 2016

Post Brangelina split, there appears to be a lot of media coverage surrounding the parties decision to divorce.

How different is the process for a celeb than for a ordinary person? It always seems that celebs manage to obtain a “fast-track” divorce often cited as being completed not long after the news of a split.

04 October 2016

A daughter cut out of her father’s £1 million Will because he believed grown-up children should “look after themselves” has been refused a slice of his fortune by a judge. For Danielle Ames, unemployment was “a lifestyle choice” and she was fit and able to work, said Judge David Halpern QC.

Ms. Ames went to court arguing that she was dependent on her father and deserved a payout of about £300,000 as 'reasonable provision' from his estate, claiming that he had promised her 'it will be all yours one day', but was shocked when he wrote her out of his Will. Mr. Ames died in 2013 and left everything he had to Ms. Ames’ step-mother, Elaine Ames.

But Judge Halpern said Danielle had 'exaggerated' the strength of her relationship with her father and had no moral claim on his money, whereas Mr. Ames's widow, with whom he had lived for over 30 years, needed every penny of his estate to lead a comfortable retirement. The Judge commented that Mrs. Ames Elaine was not living the high life and she needed the whole of her husband's estate 'to meet her reasonable needs'.

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