Finalising your divorce can be a difficult, but also an exciting time, However, before you start planning the rest of your life, there are a few matters to take care of before you can well and truly move on from your previous marriage.

1 – Make a new Will. Your old Will should be changed if it refers to your former spouse, although any bequest to a former spouse will now automatically fail unless the Will makes it clear the provision is to last after decree absolute. Please also remember that if you remarry, any Will made before remarriage will be invalid.

2 – File away all your divorce paperwork, and make copies of your decree absolute and consent order; keep the originals in a safe and secure place. If you don't want to keep all the files, then you could store them away out of sight, or keep the important documents and have a ceremonial bonfire with the rest of the papers, setting fire to the past.

3 – Change your personal details on bank accounts, credit cards and utility bills. If you have changed your name, remember to apply for a new passport and driving licence bearing your new details.

4 – Close all joint bank accounts and any other remaining joint accounts. Don't forget to ensure that you have an account in your own name.

5 – Apply for credit in your own name and begin to build up your own credit rating.

6 – Change all your passwords on email, social media, iTunes, online shops, subscription TV, online-banking accounts, etc.

7 – Update the details on any relevant insurance policies. If you don't have life insurance, this is something worth considering now you are divorced.

8 – Update the relevant next-of-kin details on medical records, employment records, etc.

9 – Make sure your former spouse has collected or received all his/her personal possessions, including digital photographs. If they haven't yet collected these items, then pack them up in a box or two, store out of sight, and send a reminder that they are ready for collection.

10 – Plan a holiday or long weekend away. Now that everything is concluded, it's time to have something positive to look forward to.

Above all, take things day by day. Now it is time for you to rebuild your life…


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