Earlier in the year, we learnt that the late MP Teresa Gorman left a request that she be immortalized as a ship’s bust, which got me thinking about the many different ways people ask to be remembered after they have passed away.

Probate solicitors see lots of “ordinary” requests; buried wearing specific clothing or jewellery; cremated and the ashes to be scattered in a favourite place or for a tree to be planted, but we also see more unusual requests.

It is possible to be cremated and have your ashes turned into a diamond, which can then be made into a piece of jewellery for a loved one to remember you by. Ashes can be taken into space or put in a firework and fired off over a favourite location.

For people keen on saving our oceans, it is possible for ashes to be used to help preserve and restore coral reefs, or for art lovers ashes can be added to paint or glass and turned into a work of art.

My favourite request though is that of Walter Morrison, the creator of the Frisbee, who asked to be mixed into a batch of his beloved Frisbees which were given to friends and family!