Commercial construction projects are usually undertaken on such a vast scale, and with multiple parties being involved, that disputes and disagreements are unfortunately very common. Unclear plans or aims, faulty workmanship and failing to comply with regulations mean that commercial property litigation lawyers are often called upon to settle construction disputes.

Oratto member lawyers have the expertise necessary to carry out dispute resolution in these complex circumstances. Experience dictates that our member lawyers are familiar with the commercial pressures and multiple parties, and they can quickly assess your situation. Construction disputes are an increasingly niche area of law, but Oratto member commercial property law solicitors will be able to start advising you straight away.

What sort of issues would fall under construction disputes?

There are a wide variety of potential issues, however some of the most common are:

  • Faulty waterproofing
  • Inadequate piling
  • Unsafe or broken electrical equipment
  • Air conditioning issues

The above are just the tip of the iceberg and the sheer number of problems which come under the heading of constructions disputes reflects the need for clear legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

How would a construction dispute be resolved?

There are a number of methods that can be used, but alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is the overarching concept.

  • Adjudication
  • Mediation
  • Expert determination
  • Arbitration

All of these are commonly used to try to resolve construction disputes. Going forward into litigation is usually a last resort. However, your Oratto member commercial property solicitor will be able to give you specific advice according to your particular situation. It's also worth bearing in mind that a claim can be extended to include costs for any loss of time, or additional costs incurred, as a result of dispute or delay.

Are construction disputes always a matter for the civil courts?

No, not always. It's possible that a dispute could encompass both civil and criminal law, depending on the nature of the breach. If, for example, health and safety legislation has been flouted, then that could be a matter for the criminal justice system.

For quick, specific advice on any aspect of your construction dispute, contact an Oratto member lawyer today.