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I qualified as a solicitor in 2013 and have specialised in Probate and Estate Administration, Wills, Lasting Power of Attorneys and Inheritance Tax Planning for a number of years. I really enjoy the challenges and attention to detail that this work involves, and regularly deal with a variety of estates, from very small ones, with no property, to high-value estates with multiple properties and significant assets. I appreciate that, for many people, the administering of a loved one’s estate is far more than a legal process, it is also about me helping them realise the wishes of their relative as they have been set out in their Will.

 On average, obtaining a grant of probate takes about three to four weeks but this does depend upon how much information I am provided with at the outset of the matter.

If the estate is taxable then it can take between 6-8 weeks to obtain the Grant, I advise each client individually on a case-by-case basis.

For full estate administration, the timeframe depends on the complexity of the estate and, once I have the details of the estate, I advise each client individually about how long the process will take.

 I act for clients across England and Wales, from Northumberland to Cornwall, distance is not an issue. As estate administering and probate does not require me to attend court, all communication can be made via email or telephone and I do not need to meet clients face-to-face.  Using email and telephone communication is great for my clients, as they do not have to take time off work to come to my office for an appointment.  I always ask my clients how frequently they would like to be updated and how much involvement they would like in the matter. Some clients want weekly updates in the form of an email others only want periodic updates. I constantly ensure that my clients fully understand the process; I am open and friendly in my approach and give my clients the opportunity to discuss their case with me.

The common problems I tend to come across are lost wills, damaged wills or family members who are no longer on speaking terms. I take the same approach to all problematic estates and resolve the issue in an efficient manner, keeping all parties up to date.

I always use Plain English - without using plain English the clients often do not understand what I am trying to explain to them and therefore cannot provide me instructions or make informed decisions. When advising clients I use plain English and often set out the pros and cons of a particular course of action to enable the clients to make an informed decision.

Being professional and empathetic in my approach to clients and offering clear advice in a friendly, easy to understand manner is important to me and I like to treat each client as an individual.

Previous Employment

KKLaw Solicitors 2013 - 2015

Assistant Solicitor -I handled a varied case load including employment, private client, family and costing matters.

KKLaw Solicitors 2011 - 2013

Trainee solicitor - I assisted the firms principal with his predominant public law case load and developed the practice area of employment law. Undertook seats in the following practice areas, employment, private client and public & private family law.


I first practiced  family law, but my focus in recent years has been on probate and estate administration. I am a highly motivated solicitor, with a proven track record of providing exemplary levels of service to clients. 


University of Hertfordshire


2010 - 2011

LPC - legal practice course, 2:1

University of Hertfordshire


2003 - 2006

LLB, Law


Great Service

We have had great service from Jacqui and she has been kind and patient with us explaining everything we did not understand.


A client

Declaration of Trust

Thanks Jacqui

I was very pleased with the work Jacqui Pearce did for me at Premier Solicitors.  She has a very high level of customer service and answered all my questions promptly and carried out everything in a very professional manner. I would definitely return to her for any future legal matters. Thanks Jacqui!


A Client

I would recommend Jacqueline Pearce

I would recommend Jacqueline Pearce and this company, very good service, we were keep fully informed at all times and our case was dealt with very well. We will use them again if needed.


A client

Extremely Impressed

You have kept in constant touch informing us of every stage and step of the journey from probate through to the sale of the property and our wills. Everything has been made clear and concise and you have always been ready willing and helpful whenever we have made a telephone call. We are extremely impressed with your company and would not hesitate to recommend your services.


A client

Very Professional

Very thorough, professional and efficient. Thanks to all involved with my probate case.


A client 

Sensitive and Professional

Thank you so much to Premier Solicitors for dealing with my affairs so diligently. The probate team were sensitive and professional and helped me through a difficult time


A Client 

Very Friendly and Professional

A very friendly and professional team who helped me with my mother's probate. Would definitely use them again in the future and recommend them to all friends and family!


A client

Case Studies

Complications with Will

I acted for two executors who were neighbours of the deceased. The original Will had been altered by the deceased, the deceased had crossed off one of the residuary beneficiaries but this amendment had not been executed correctly.


I located the original witnesses but sadly one had passed away. The second witness was willing to provide an affidavit to the court confirming the amendments were made after the Will was executed and my application for probate proceeded.


The administration of the estate was fairly routine but upon distribution of the estate it transpired that the deceased had incorrectly named a residual beneficiary and potentially this gift would fail. The deceased wished to leave 6% of his residuary estate to his great nephew JH but named him incorrectly as MH.


I located the original Will writer and requested their Will file with detailed attendance notes to establish if this was a typo in the Will or if the deceased had in fact provided the incorrect name.


Upon receipt of the Will writers notes, he recorded that 6% of the estate was to be left to MH, alongside deceased handwritten notes which also naming ‘MH’ and not JH.


I advised my clients that we could make an application to court for the Will to be rectified, one of my colleagues in our contentious probate team would write to each beneficiary requesting their written agreement that the 6% should be paid to JH. If all agree then she would prepare an affidavit and make an application to the Liverpool probate registry for them to consider rectifying the Will.


Alternatively if they decided not to rectify the Will then the gift to MH who was in fact JH would fail and his 6% share would accrue to the remaining beneficiaries. I also advised my clients to take out a missing beneficiary insurance policy to protect themselves from any potential future claims.



My clients decided to proceed with distribution of the estate and the 6% share left to MH accrued to the remaining beneficiaries in accordance with the Will.

Disagreements between executors

I acted for two sisters who were executors to the their step fathers estate. They had sadly lost their mother several years prior to their step father’s death and there was a lot of unresolved family conflict.


The executors were not on speaking terms and I acted as an intermediary and at times it was very challenging to progress the estate administration as one client would provide me with instructions and the other would not agree.


The administration of the estate was fairly routine aside from the conflict but one of the executors could not come to terms with the loss and found dealing with estate very upsetting, however she didn’t want to renounce her position as an executor as she felt she would be letting her step-father down. I was very patient, empathetic and supportive of this client and kept her regularly updated regarding the progress of the administration of the estate.



For me this was a very sad and challenging case to deal with as I had to manage two very distraught clients who had past unresolved family conflicts.


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