Intellectual property disputes can arise for a number of reasons. The success or otherwise of such challenges will depend predominantly on two factors; namely whether IP rights had been established and whether they have been adequately protected.

In the UK, some intellectual property rights are conferred automatically, while others have to be applied for. Copyrights and design rights qualify for automatic protection but trademarks, registered designs and patents fall into the latter category. Breach of these rights can lead to an intellectual property dispute.

Finding an IP lawyer through Oratto is a simple, straightforward process. Oratto has been specifically developed as a web-based platform to link consumers of legal services with the right solicitor for them. All of the lawyers featured on this page are highly experienced in handling the disparate aspects of intellectual property disputes. Connecting with the right IP solicitor means that you are likely to be able to put together a strong case right from the beginning. Alternatively, you can submit your details to us and we will select a lawyer for you using Oratto's Match function.

Types of IP challenges

  • Trademark infringement; European, UK and global
  • Patents
  • All forms of copyright (films, music and across all media platforms where appropriate)
  • Domain disputes

‘Passing off' is also a commonly used tactic between rivals. To claim damages successfully against another party you will have to demonstrate that consumers could be confused between your product and the one that your competitor is marketing as theirs using the same or similar product details, name or logo.

In all cases it's usual to have to prove the goodwill associated with your product.

Your chosen IP dispute resolution lawyer will be able to examine your individual circumstances carefully in order to put protection of your rights in place and they can also represent you in front of the appropriate court or tribunal if there has been a breach of copyright. If you have a decision pending, it's also possible to apply for interim injunctive relief to safeguard your rights until the final decision has been reached.

Whether you're concerned that someone will steal your idea the minute they hear about it, or whether you're faced with a potential rival who seems to be copying your every move, Oratto member lawyers will be able to advise and assist you. If you'd like to discuss an exciting new idea but you're worried about possible IP misappropriation, then your chosen solicitor can put a non-disclosure agreement in place for you.

Proceed with confidence with an IP solicitor who understands your case

It's often possible that your lawyer can resolve intellectual property disputes amicably without recourse to more formal proceedings. However if this isn't the case for you then your chosen lawyer will be able to represent you wherever is appropriate, including:

  • the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court
  • the High Court
  • Trade Mark Offices (both European and UK)
  • a Company Names Tribunal
  • during all appeals

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