Why is it important to review your Trust? Trusts should ideally be reviewed every year however the Government is reviewing existing Trust taxation legislation. Draft legislation is expected in late August 2014, so it is vital that all Trust arrangements are reviewed in light of the impending changes.

What your review will cover:

    1. Confirmation of Trust terms
      • Who are the trustees?
      • Who are the beneficiaries?
      • Who gets what and when?
      • How should the beneficiaries receive their money?
      • Can the trustees receive any money?
      • Are there any special terms? For example age restrictions or contingencies
    2. Confirmation of trustee duties
      • What duties do trustees have?
      • How can the trustees take advice and who from?
      • What powers do the trustees have?
      • When can the powers be exercised?
    3. Highlighting any issues that need to be addressed by the trustees
      • Investment policy statement
      • Trustee meetings and reviews of investment
      • Loans to beneficiaries
      • Supplementary deeds (appointing and retiring trustees and appointment of capital)

Please note that we will not be able to provide advice in relation to how these matters need to be dealt with, under the fixed fee for this work.

  1. Review of any expression of wish letter
    • Do the trustees have to abide by this?
    • Do the trustees have to release this to the beneficiaries?
    • Do the trustees have to consider it?
  2. How the imminent changes in the law affect the Trust?


To carry out a full review, a fee of £350 + VAT will be payable.

If any additional work is required in relation to a specific trust, the lawyer dealing with your matter will be able to provide you with a quote for further work and an idea of likely timescales.