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Each lawyer featured on the website is given an Oratto rating.

The rating is calculated by using information derived from each lawyer's profile. We do this by using an algorithm that we have developed. This takes into account a variety of factors and these are used in the algorithmic formula to determine the rating awarded to each lawyer. The rating applied takes into consideration factors such as the number of years post qualification experience each lawyer has, whether they specialise in more than one area of law, their legal qualifications, the number of case studies, published cases and testimonials they have uploaded to the Oratto website, along with the frequency of updates and other data.

There is nothing hidden from view. In fact all the information we use to determine our ratings is shown in the lawyers' profiles. We do however believe that some things are more important than others and so it may be that certain elements like specialisation in just one or two areas of law is more important to us than whether a lawyer went to a particular university.

Lawyers can earn improved ratings for keeping their profile up to date as well as frequently adding new case studies and testimonials. Keeping their profile current is an important part of the rating algorithm as we want to encourage lawyers to provide as much up to date information on themselves as possible in order that consumers get an accurate picture of each lawyer so that they can make properly informed choices.

We rate every lawyer in the same way. Lawyers cannot ask for their rating to be manually improved and we do not publish exact details of how the best ratings can be achieved – only guidance. The lawyers rated with the best scores are those that our algorithm considers to have the most comprehensive profiles and whom are true specialists in their field of expertise.