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Enfield, United Kingdom

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Practice Areas:

  • Divorce & Family Law
Vanderpump & Sykes LLP

I have been working as a specialist Family Lawyer for over 20 years and have worked in both Central London and regional firms. I have had a great deal of experience in settling all aspects of family disputes, be they over the family finances or arguments over the childcare arrangements, or ensuring protection for a victim of domestic abuse.

As society has developed so has the framework of the family, so that in recent years I have increasingly dealt with property disputes between unmarried couples which requires a lawyer to have knowledge and experience of a very different legal framework to that which applies on the breakdown of a marriage.

Whilst the legal principles may be different between separation on co-habitation and marriage, I fully recognise that the emotional imperatives driving the separation are often the same and that my role is to assist my clients to  navigate the bewildering legal process, whilst at the same time providing support and advice so as to ensure that outcome is not only fair but fully meets the financial and/or emotional needs of the client given the circumstances of the family.

With the benefit of 20 years of hindsight, I have become a passionate believer in the maxim that "the client knows best" and where possible I seek to ensure that the client remains in full control of fashioning their own future. This can best be achieved outside of the Court process in which the parties become cogs in a wheel where the decision about their futures is taken out of their hands and decided by a judge. Instead, I advocate the parties direct involvement in round table negotiations where they ultimately decide on the outcome.

This direct approach to problem solving is perhaps even more pertinent to settling disputes that involve children, than those that only have a direct bearing on their parents. Through his Collaborative law practice and by way of direct negotiation I have often been successful in encouraging parents to achieve resolution based on a tailor made contact framework decided upon by the parents themselves, rather than an off the shelf determination handed down by the Court.

Previous Employment

WGS Solicitors2014 - 2016

Family Partner

Curwens LLP2001 - 2014

Family Partner

Rochman Landau1994 - 2001

Family Lawyer


I believe that the role of the Family practitioner is not to sit in an ivory tower and dispense legal advice, but instead to combine legal knowledge with day to day experience, to roll up one's legal sleeves and get "stuck in" to achieving an outcome that the client expects.

I have extensive "hands on" experience in the following areas:

DIVORCE: All aspects of local jurisdiction divorces including judicial separation petitions and nullity petitions. Foreign divorces including international forum races.

FINANCIAL ORDERS: Both straight forward and complicated financial family arrangements involving company structures, family trusts and those with an international dimension. S. 37 injunctions freezing assets, Part III financial applications for a financial order in England and Wales on foreign divorce.

CHILDREN ACT ORDER: Child Arrangement orders, Specific Issue Orders, Prohibited Steps Orders, applications to remove a child permanently from the jurisdiction, Schedule 1 applications for financial provision for a child made by a parent.

FAMILY LAW ACT ORDERS: A non-molestation injunction preventing a party from threatening/abusive behaviour and/or communicating with the other party, an occupation injunction preventing a party from returning to the family home.

TOLATA ORDER: Application by a cohabite/partner for an order for sale of jointly owned property, a declaration as to beneficial interests in the joint property.


York University


1975 - 1978

BA Hons


College of Law

1993 - 1994

Professional Diploma


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