Last year, the government decided that its April 2016 flagship policy to cap care costs will now face a four-year delay until 2020, stating that it cannot afford to make "expensive new commitments like this" at a time of austerity.

In consideration of the one in ten people who enter the care system and incur costs over £100,000, the government had promised that care fees would be limited to £72,000 for each person in a care home.

The decision to delay the care cost cap affects those who are already in a care home as well as those who will need such care over the next five years. Each group potentially faces having to give up everything they have worked for at a time which is already incredibly difficult for them and their families. A cap on care costs might have offered some comfort at this difficult time.

Current residents of care homes, in particular, will now have to pay an additional five years' worth of fees before their costs count towards anything.

While an experienced lawyer cannot fulfil the promise the Conservatives made to ensure that "no one has to sell their home" to pay for their care, they can help by protecting assets from potential liability of care home fees through careful planning.


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