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24 November 2017

How you can get through the challenges of Christmas with children following a divorce.

Perhaps no other time of the year is quite as conflicted and confusing for a divorced parent as Christmas, especially the first one after relationship breakdown.

Whether the children are celebrating the season with you or with your former spouse, the mere fact of Christmas with all its logistical, symbolic and sentimental challenges can easily leave you feeling overwhelmed, embittered or regretful.

Yes, it's all too easy to turn on the television to see all the studio-lit, happy families of Christmas movies and feel like you are the only one who is suffering family problems. It may well seem that you are alone in experiencing misery and sadness at Christmas and that you are responsible for your children being deprived of what should be the most joyous time of the year.  

29 August 2017

An undertaking is a promise to the Court that you will, or will not, do something.  Undertakings are useful to use when the Court cannot order that you take a certain action.  For example, the Court cannot order the mortgage company to release your Husband or Wife from the mortgage.  You can give a promise to do everything you can to release the other party from the mortgage and, until recently, it was thought that this was a pretty safe way of ensuring that the Wife could stay in the property, paying the mortgage, and the Husband would be discharged from those obligations.  This is especially important if being named on one mortgage will stop him being named on another and buying his own property in the future.  

21 July 2017

A new-look divorce petition was unveiled this week, which will take effect from 7th August and be the only version used as of 4th September. The electronic version will not be available on Gov.Uk until 7th August and, therefore, any attempts to submit a petition using the new version before that date will be rejected by the Courts.

The revised petition is obviously designed to ensure a smooth transition to the online divorce process, but it will also provide litigants with a much clearer and plainly worded document. 

12 July 2017

Summer holidays. We all look forward to them.

For children they represent a not insignificant portion of their entire lifespan thus far, they have an air of boundlessness, of time spent timelessly, free from the confines of the classroom, a time for new experiences, for wonder.

07 July 2017

Family holidays… it’s a time to look forward to sun, sea and sand. Probably the last thing on your mind when planning a holiday is whether your ex partner agrees to you taking the children abroad. But, if they don’t, you could get more than you bargained for at the airport when attempting to get through passport control.

When taking children on holiday abroad, all parties who have Parental Responsibility for the child need to consent to the child being taken out of the country. This is the case unless you have a Residence Order (now called a Child Arrangements Order) that the child lives with you. In those circumstances, you can take the child abroad for up to 4 weeks without the consent of the other parent.

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