Post Brangelina split, there appears to be a lot of media coverage surrounding the parties decision to divorce.

How different is the process for a celeb than for a ordinary person? It always seems that celebs manage to obtain a “fast-track” divorce often cited as being completed not long after the news of a split.

Divorce proceedings in the UK take a minimum of 6 months to complete but can take longer depending on factors relating to how well parties co-operates as well as other issues.

There is unfortunately no way of fast tracking a divorce, it will be the same procedure for all whether you are a celeb or not!

There can be delays in service of documents but a Solicitor can help you with this and ensure that the necessary documents are filed with the Court to ensure that the divorce can proceed.

It is helpful to obtain legal advice from the outset to ensure that you understand the procedure after which the documents can be completed accurately to make the process as stress-free as possible.

In conclusion it may seem that celebs lives are easier but in reality a separation/divorce can be a difficult time for most couples, however with the right advice this can be alleviated.   


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