Every November, Will Aid gives people the opportunity to have a Will drawn up by a local solicitor for a small suggested donation (£95 for a basic Will or £150 for a pair of basic mirror Wills) with all proceeds going to one of nine charities.

Will Aid is a great way for people to make a legally binding document with a registered solicitor for Wills, while also giving money to a good cause.

The Will Aid process

Will Aid lets you take charge of your estate and inheritance planning by allowing you to choose a solicitor from a list of local participating solicitors or, alternatively, one that is available to help online, through the post or over the telephone.

You should then plan your Will, carefully considering whether, in addition to leaving assets to be distributed among family and friends, you wish to make a donation to a registered charity.

Once you have carried out the above you are ready to meet your Wills solicitor. If you require additional services – for example inheritance tax planning – your solicitor can talk you through your options and inform you of any extra costs.

Once you have planned and written your Will together, your solicitor will give it to you for approval. You can either make your donation directly to charity or instruct your Wills solicitor to do this on your behalf.

A good Wills solicitor

A good Wills solicitor will communicate clearly, without jargon, in a way that makes you aware of the full range of possibilities when planning what will happen to your estate upon your death. Accordingly, you should be provided with the following:

  • A clear explanation of your options regarding the will
  • Advice that is confidential, reliable and in your best interests
  • Service that is in keeping with your wishes and instructions
  • A clear breakdown of costs from an early stage

Find a wills solicitor with Oratto

It is important for your peace of mind as well as that of those near to you that you have clear instructions regarding your home, your wealth and your family at the time of your death.

Oratto can put you in touch with a solicitor for Wills who can cater to your personal circumstances - whether you need a simple Will to ensure your direct dependants share your estate or you have complex financial commitments and investments which need careful planning and consideration.

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