Tier 1 investor visas allow the UK to support non-EEA investors in considering opportunities for investment within the UK. An investor visa allows investment into loan or share capital in trading and active UK companies or UK government bonds. A tier 1 investor visa applicant will need a minimum of £2,000,000 of cleared funds to apply under UK immigration law.

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Holding a tier 1 investor visa

This will enable you to study, work or participate in business activities in the UK. However, you are not obliged to. However, in order to be awarded this visa, there are some eligibility criteria that you must fulfil:

  • You need to be at least 16 years old
  • You need to live outside the EEA and Switzerland
  • You must be able to invest a minimum of £2,000,000 in the UK

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How long is it possible to stay in the UK under an investor visa?

Entry under this visa is for a maximum of three years and four months at the maximum. You can, if you wish, then apply to extend the visa for a further two years.

If you want to apply to settle permanently in the UK, it will depend upon the amount you have invested:

  • After two years if you have invested £10,000,000
  • After three years if investment has reached £5,000,000
  • After five years if the amount invested is £2,000,000

Are there any exclusions

As a tier 1 investor visa holder, you are prohibited from:

  • Investing in companies which largely concern property management, development or investment
  • Working as a professional sports coach or sportsperson
  • Claiming public funds in the UK (benefits and living allowances)

In order to apply for this visa your investment money must belong to either you, your spouse or your civil partner, it must be held in a regulated financial institution and the money must be made available to transfer to the UK and subsequently invested.

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