If you are domiciled outside of the UK and you would like to travel here to study, you can apply for a Short Term Study Visa. This visa allows you into the UK for varying lengths of time, depending upon the course that you have chosen to study and other eligibility criteria. You can apply for this instead of a Tier 4 Student Visa. Visa application lawyers from Oratto will be able to advise you on how and when you should apply.

Oratto and student visa applications

Oratto has been developed as an online method of matching high calibre lawyers with those who need legal services. Visa application lawyers from Oratto have all the experience and knowledge necessary to support you in your application for a Short Term Study Visa. You can select a solicitor yourself from the list on this page to connect with quickly and easily, or alternatively you can send your details to Oratto and we will use our Match function to identify the right visa application lawyer for you.

Study visas for short courses

In order to qualify for a Short Term Study Visa, you must:

  • be 18 years old or over
  • studying a short course for six months or studying an English language course for a maximum of 11 months
  • be completing a course abroad which is the equivalent of a bachelor degree in the UK in order to spend six months in the UK for research, or research tuition

Under 18swho wish to come to study a short course in the UK (up to six months) can apply for a Short Term Study (Child) Visa.

If you are an academic applying for a short course of study, you will need to apply for a Standard Visitor Visa.

Conditions on receiving entry clearance on a short term study basis

With this type of visa, you must leave the UK on, or before, the precise date on which your visa expires. You will not be able to swap onto a different visa from inside the UK. If you want to apply for a different class of visa then it must be done from outside the UK. All types of work, work experience, and work placements are prohibited if you have a Short Term Study Visa. If you do want to work during your time in the UK, then you will need to apply for a Tier 4 Student Visa instead.

You are also not able to:

  • study at a local authority maintained school (otherwise known as a state school)
  • be eligible to receive public funds (often referred to as benefits)
  • apply to extend your visa
  • bring any dependants with you. If they wish to travel with you, then they must apply separately

Your chosen Oratto member visa application lawyer will be able to explain all of the restrictions which come with a Short Term Study Visa to you. You can apply for this visa up to three months before the date on which you travel to the UK.

Eligibility requirements

These include:

  • having a firm offer of a place on a course at an approved UK educational institution. This will be an education provider that has a Tier 4 Sponsorship Licence
  • having enough money to support yourself for the duration of your stay. This includes travel costs to and from the UK

Oratto member visa application lawyers will be able to advise and assist you in the entire application process. Contact Oratto today to take the first steps towards obtaining your Short Term Study Visa.