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Our member employment law solicitors work right across the country and have vast experience and expertise of handling corporate transaction work, whether working with larger corporations, smaller and medium sized enterprises – whatever the case, if you are undertaking a corporate transaction such as a takeover or restructuring, our specialists can help you ensure you are fully aware of all your rights and obligations as they relate to the employees involved.


The UK corporate sector is competitive and constantly evolving. As such businesses need to regularly restructure in order to maintain efficiency and profitability. Often this may involve changing employment contract terms and conditions or reducing the size of the workforce.

However, it is essential that employers do this within the rules of the legal frameworks that apply to their workforces. Oratto's member employment lawyers can help you do this both here in the UK and across multiple jurisdictions.


The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) regulations have been in place since 2006. They exist to ensure the rights of employees when a company is being taken over or restructured.

It is important for employers to have a clear strategy in place with regard to TUPE, including redundancies, warranties, indemnities and employees' terms and conditions.

Oratto's member employment lawyers can help you preserve your interests while also considering those of your employees, ensuring as smooth as possible a process for all parties involved.

All aspects of corporate transactions

Oratto's member employment lawyers possess between them a wide range of experience in handling corporate transactions across many difference industries.

Experience includes the following:

  • Listings
  • Shares sales
  • Buying and selling
  • Asset transfers
  • Joint ventures
  • Private placings

Employment lawyers for corporate transaction work

Oratto's employment lawyers can help you meet your objectives and advance your interests in relation to the full spectrum of corporate transaction work, including restructuring and TUPE.

Our members pride themselves on offering professional and knowledgeable advice to help you make informed and intelligent decisions about how you wish to proceed and the employment law considerations you will need to apraise.

You can tell us about your circumstances in a number of ways, via phone or through the internet, or you may wish to browse our lawyer profiles to find the member solicitor you wish to speak to. Alternatively, try our Oratto Match service.