Oratto's member commercial litigation solicitors specialise in the handling of privacy claims, protection of privacy and reputational management for businesses.

UK privacy law

The Human Rights Act and the European Convention on Human Rights underpin UK law and help ensure that every person living here has the right to a private life.

However, in assessing whether a person's right to a private life has been breached courts must address the question of whether it is reasonable to expect privacy in relation to the disclosed information. Courts do not view information as private if it is considered to be in the public interest, is trivial or is already in the public domain.

If you or your business are facing a privacy claim or would like some help ensuring protection of your own privacy, Oratto's commercial litigation solicitors can help you uphold your full interests and rights under UK law. For example, you may wish to prevent the publication of private information and to obtain an injunction to this effect.

Our specialists can help you whether you are an SME, a larger business, a public figure, an individual or a family.

Acting for employers

Employers have obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.

If you are an employer and hold information regarding employees and staff, including data relating to medical health, sexual orientation or personal details, you should be aware that there are restrictions pertaining to the use and storage of these records.

Being fully aware of your rights and responsibilities under The Data Protection Act can help you avoid becoming embroiled in a costly dispute – Oratto's lawyers can help you do this with confidence.

Commercial litigation solicitors for privacy claims and protection

Our member commercial litigation solicitors have a strong track record in the field of commercial law and can help you work towards a successful outcome.

Our lawyers will strive to help you resolve the matter without unnecessary contention and can ensure you are kept fully abreast of all alternatives to the courtroom, including arbitration and ADR.

Ultimately, by instructing an Oratto member lawyer you are ensuring that you will have the right support in place for whatever issue you face.