Setting up or running your own business can be exciting. However, in either scenario it is almost certainly a good idea to seek advice from specialist business solicitors.

Having the right legal expertise behind you means that potential problems can be prevented rather than cured. Oratto can offer you expert legal advice from our member business solicitors who cover a broad spectrum of commercial issues, including:

  • intellectual property
  • IT law
  • establishing joint business ventures
  • disposal of business assets

There are also areas of business law which need clear decisions, such as:

  • giving strategy advice in commercial negotiations
  • drafting commercial contract terms and conditions
  • providing documentation for human resources and employment law

How Oratto can help

Oratto member business solicitors are highly skilled and experienced in everyday legal business needs. From ensuring regulatory compliance to advising on the implications for an overseas company trading in the UK, Oratto has the knowledge put your mind at ease.

We believe that our members' roles in the business world encompasses everything from reducing risk to maximising the value in any given transaction. We can connect you instantly with member business solicitors who have the skills you need.

With a positive outlook, focusing on the solution rather than the problem, Oratto's members can help take the stress out of complex business decisions – leaving you to concentrate on what you do best.

Let Oratto member solicitors contribute to your business success