Oratto's member banking litigation lawyers can advise banks, credit unions, finance houses and other financial institutions as to their rights and options when engaged in financial disputes – for example, those that require lender enforcement action.

Our member specialists are all committed to the Oratto Member Lawyer Code and all possess experience of the key issues affecting an area of the law that is frequently high value, cross-border and highly contentious.

Areas of expertise

Oratto's banking litigation lawyers work from locations right across the length and breadth of the UK, and their fields of specialism include the following:

  • Lender enforcement action
  • Multi-jurisdictional disputes
  • Freezing orders
  • Worldwide tracing
  • Unsecured debt recovery
  • Trade debt collection
  • Fraud investigations
  • Debt collection and client insolvency

It is essential that banks and other financial institutions looking to take enforcement action consider the full range of options and factors at play in the process. Oratto's experienced banking litigation lawyers can help you preserve your interests and your reputation during this difficult period.

Our member lawyers can act for all of the following:

  • Asset based lenders
  • Debt purchasers
  • Credit unions
  • Banks
  • Motor finance companies

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The area of the law that relates to financial liabilities or the borrowing of money is large and complex. If you are looking to ensure effective lender enforcement action or some other similar remedy, Oratto's specialist banking litigation lawyers can help you make the right financial and legal decisions for your circumstances.

Whatever the circumstances of your business, Oratto member lawyers for banking and finance law will be able to help and advise you according to your needs. Our lawyers provide the full range of advice, from recovery of debt prior to any legal action to debt recovery and lender enforcement action across multiple jurisdictions.

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