The law in relation to banking and finance is a vast subject and covers a wide area. It can be complicated, but essentially concerns the legal management of any financial liabilities or the borrowing of money. Clients tend to seek solid professional representation from specialist banking and finance lawyers in situations concerning financial decision making as it can directly affect their business circumstances.

It's impossible to give an overview of the whole banking and finance topic, because there are a number of distinct fields. However, these all tend to be very dynamic, fast-paced and ever-changing spheres of law. You may need representation for straightforward borrowing from a bank, or it may be more complex. Whatever the circumstances of your business, Oratto member lawyers for banking and finance law will be able to help and advise you according to your needs.

What are the most significant topics in banking and finance?

Some of the most common areas where businesses require the advice of a lawyer are:

  • asset finance
  • financial services regulation
  • acquisition finance
  • project finance

Why might I need a lawyer?

Clients often seek legal support in matters of money simply because a mistake, or an oversight, is likely to be costly. It is also imperative to have a solicitor who can guard both your commercial and legal interests going forward, particularly in the realms of lending, or in relation to banking and finance deals.

Then, of course, there are the technicalities to assess. These can be complicated, but we can connect you to an Oratto member solicitor who will have solid experience in the relevant field. How much time is required depends heavily on the commercial aspect of the case and on the specific requirements of the client.

Also, issues such as negotiation and due diligence must be considered within finance and banking transactions and a solicitor can assist and represent you through these phases.

Due diligence

While the field of negotiation is rather self-explanatory and can be carried out by team members who are skilled in such business techniques, ensuring due diligence is performed correctly is more problematic in terms of its legal ramifications.

Put simply, due diligence means assessing the veracity of the information passed between parties in the course of constructing a deal. It involves having multiple client meetings, credit file assessments and inventory valuations. There may also be the introduction of iconoclastic financial models which require a specific, detailed knowledge. For all of these reasons it's important to have a highly knowledgeable banking and finance lawyer on hand who can give you the advice and support in the areas that you need, while also advising in respect of decision making.

Oratto member solicitors who are working within the banking and finance sector are all highly qualified to deliver the calibre of legal expertise that you need. Click through to our list of so member profiles or contact Oratto directly so we can help you find the solicitor most suited to your needs.

So don't delay, contact Oratto today to find the best banking and finance lawyer for your needs.