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Sam Healey

Manchester, United Kingdom

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Practice Areas:

  • Corporate Crime
  • Corporate Crime
  • Criminal Defence
  • Criminal Law - Manslaughter
  • Criminal Litigation
  • Drink Driving Offences
  • Driving Under the Influence of Drugs
  • Driving- Criminal Defence
  • Fraud & Financial Crime
  • Intellectual Property
  • Motoring
  • Motoring Offences
  • Motorist Defence
  • Murder
  • Tax
  • Trade Mark
JMW Solicitors LLP

Sam Healey is a partner in the Business Crime and Regulation team at JMW and has substantial knowledge and experience in handling complex and serious cases. He works nationally with many of his cases having an international element. His experience and expertise is vast, having particular emphasis in handling matters relating to:

  • Fraud and Financial Crime;
  • Corporate Governance (Bribery and Corruption);
  • Trading Standards;
  • Organised and Serious Crime
  • Serious Motoring Offences (where death or significant injury is caused);
  • Regulatory offences;
  • Criminal Restraint and Confiscation;
  • Tax Investigations & Prosecutions

Sam is regularly instructed to represent corporates, individuals and professionals. He is someone clients always want by their side given his robust and pragmatic approach in representing and protecting their position. He identifies immediately the salient issues, is able to navigate his way around complex legal and factual issues in a case and has a meticulous eye for detail.

Sam also has a Masters in Law having completed work in considering the changes to the regulatory framework of financial institutions, in particular, the banks. This work was completed during the transition of regulation from the FSA to the FCA and PRA. The focus of his work was to consider whether the new proposals to regulate financial institutions would be sufficient to prevent a future financial crisis and perfectly places him to assist in all Fraud, Financial Crime and Regulatory related offences.


Previous Employment


Fraud, Financial Crime & Regulatory offences

R v SW - Conspiracy to give corrupt payments, alleged international bribery and corruption to secure oil contracts worth in total in excess of £1billion. Proceedings in London.

R v BB – Conspiracy to defraud, finance fraud, ten defendants, conservative loss estimated at £250 million. Acquitted. Southwark Crown Court, London.

R v CM – Conspiracy to defraud, representing the Registered Manager in proceedings brought against a care home, alongside eight other defendants. Three decades of alleged financial abuse resulting in a financial benefit in excess of £30 million. Reported as the longest trial in the Court’s history. Acquitted. Liverpool Crown Court.

R v AS - Conspiracy to cheat the public revenue, along with 15 co-defendants, to import tobacco under cover loads thus avoiding the requirement to pay excise duty. Loss to HMRC of £12 million. Manchester Crown Court.

R v DC – Conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation. Alleged large scale fraud and blackmail over a number of years. Multiple companies and individuals falsely presenting themselves as debt collection agencies. Client acquitted. Nottingham Crown Court.

R v PH – BIS prosecution – Alleged offences under the Companies Act and Insolvency Act.  Acquitted of all offences but one (failure to deliver books).

R v DC – Conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation.  Alleged large scale fraud and blackmail over a number of years.  Multiple companies and individuals falsely presenting themselves as debt collection agencies.  

R v SM – Council prosecution for trademark and money laundering offences.  Confiscation proceedings and subsequent application for an order confirming an inadequacy in the available amount. 

R v SW – Trading Standards prosecution.  Allegation of conspiracy to defraud.  Eight defendants including a company.

R v MM –  Allegation of VAT fraud and fraud by false representation following the purchase of a waste and recycling site. No further action.

R v PJ – National Crime Agency prosecution.  High Court civil proceedings relating to £250,000 worth of assets (POCA).

R v GD – Certificate of inadequacy granted at the High Court resulting in the reduction of £10 million confiscation order

R v H – Council prosecution of a company managing properties without mandatory HMO licences contrary to the Housing Act 2006.

R v SM – Application for an order confirming an inadequacy in the available amount.  Multi-faceted confiscation issues relating to assets in three different jurisdictions and separate criminal proceedings in Spain.  

R v AR – Cash seizure, detention and forfeiture proceedings.  Seizure of cash exceeding  £80,000 from one of three business premises.

Serious Motoring Offences

R v ML – Allegation of causing death by careless driving. Client insisted that we represented her over the proposed insurance panel Solicitor. Acquitted. Burnley Crown Court.

R v WD – Allegation of causing death by careless driving whilst under the influence.  

R v DB – Allegation of causing serious injury by dangerous driving. Suggested speed in excess of 100 mph. Acquitted. Bolton Crown Court.

R v FK – Allegation of causing serious injury by dangerous driving. Suggested to have lost control in the rain when overtaking a section of wet road incorporating tram tracks (Sheffield Super-tram network). Acquitted. Sheffield Crown Court.

R v HC – Allegation of driving without due care and attention, fail to stop and fail to report a road traffic collision. CPS discontinued proceedings (Acquitted). Wasted costs order granted. Ipswich Magistrates Court. 

R v DG – Allegation of careless driving and driving whilst unfit due to drugs. Complex issues relating to the presence of prescribed medication. Following representations with the support of a forensic toxicologist, the CPS discontinued the proceedings (Acquitted). Defence costs order granted. Nottingham Crown Court


R v NW – Allegations of driving whilst disqualified, driving without insurance and failure to provide driver details.  Prosecuted by two divisions of the CPS.  Acquitted of one offence and the CPS discontinued the proceedings of the other offences following legal argument.  Defence costs order granted.

Serious Crime


R v RA - Murder and attempted murder following family dispute that had been ongoing for a number of years. 

R v MH - Conspiracy to commit murder following a dispute between an alleged organised crime group and individuals working on a property.  Acquitted of all offences. 

R v PA - Conspiracy to supply in excess of 200kg of Class A drugs

R v AR – Conspiracy to produce cannabis at a garden centre and across sixteen properties, in addition to offences of money laundering.  Two separate indictments and trials.  Acquitted of both offences and defence costs order granted.  

R v SM – Council prosecution for trademark and money laundering offences.  Confiscation proceedings and subsequent application for an order confirming an inadequacy in the available amount.  

R v LL – Conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.  Ten alleged conspirators supplying drugs from the South to North of England.  

R v PP – Council prosecution – Criminal Justice Act confiscation order sought following a 17 year housing benefit fraud to pay for a property in London.  

R v LW – Application for a certificate of inadequacy – Conviction for conspiracy to import Class A drugs – Confiscation order made in excess of 3 million.  Multi-jurisdictional enforcement in relation to assets in UK and Supreme Court in Jamaica.  








2012 - 2014

Master in Law -
'A research project considering whether whether the new proposals to regulate banks (PRA, FCA and FPC) will be sufficient to prevent a future crisis'



2007 - 2008

Specialised in; commercial litigation, commercial law, advance criminal litigation


Drink driving - client feedback

"Sam provided clear and objective advice from the outset on the options available and the subsequent strategy employed by Sam was expertly executed to produce a highly successful outcome. I would recommend Sam to anybody finding themselves in a similar situation"

Mr J, Yorkshire - client feedback

“Sam is every inch the professional and showed tenacity, effort and attention to detail throughout my case. Words cannot express how relieved I felt at the conclusion of the matter, and the outcome was indeed as Sam had advised at the outset. Anyone who knows the pressure and nightmare of a criminal charge absolutely needs balance, balance of commitment, right choices, dedication to the cause and the client and the power and ability to stay the course. Sam never flinched from the objective of truth and fact, and without doubt his time and effort paid off. Sincerely I can only say thank you to Sam, and my recommendation would be given without reservation”.

Mr R, Sheffield - client feedback

“The worst 20 months of my life has just come to an end with all credit due to my solicitor Sam Healey, who right from our very first meeting put me and my family at ease. He is an absolute professional and has kept me fully updated with all occurrences throughout my case. Sam’s advice and support have been invaluable throughout the process and the final result was more than I could have ever wished for!”  

Mr H, Manchester - client feedback

“I would just like to thank Sam Healey once again for his services. I really couldn't believe the outcome as I expected the worst. If it wasn't for his understanding and hard work it would have been a lot worse. I would recommend anyone to use Sam”. 

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