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Chantal Ul Haq-Weedon

Bedford, United Kingdom

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Practice Areas:

  • Court of Protection
Premier Solicitors Llp

I am a solicitor in the Court of Protection team and specialise in Deputyship applications for Property and Finances as well as Health and Welfare. I walk family members through how to become lay Deputy for their loved ones, or when the matter is more complex, assist with appointing a professional Deputy from our firm. I work with a Panel Deputy (one of only 68 in the Country). 

I also have experience in the following areas:

- Investigating a previous Attorney or Deputy due to mismanagement of finances. 

- Representing clients in proceedings on health and welfare issues such as residence, contact, care and treatment where people do not have the mental capacity to decide on these issues for themselves. This can also include hearings in relation to Deprivation of Liberty. 

- Challenging Local Authorities on their financial assessments, if needed, to ensure that vulnerable individuals are receiving the correct financial support in relation to care fees.

- Statutory Will applications

I am also a Solicitor for the Elderly. 

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