In order to publish your comprehensive profile on the Oratto website you will need to agree to the Oratto referral agreement. As a featured Oratto Member lawyer, you are likely to receive enquiries via the website and in due course many of these will convert into active case referrals.

The Oratto referral fee agreement is operated on an honesty box basis. Each lawyer is expected to submit a declaration within 7 days following the end of each calendar month to declare the number and type of referrals they have received from the Oratto website. The declaration is made via the Member lawyers login area.

There are two options to choose from in respect of Referral fees. You can either opt to a fixed rate per referral, in accordance with Appendix A of the fixed fees agreement, or pay a fixed percentage of your overall fees under the fee sharing agreement.

Payment of referral fees due under the agreement is payable within 7 days of making your monthly declaration.

Referral fees are broadly based upon what we consider to be in line with industry standard rates.

FAQ in relation to Referral Fees

Where can I view the Referral Fees

Oratto referral fees can be viewed within the electronic signature documents during the sign-up process before signing the referral agreement. If another solicitor from your practice has already signed the referral agreement, you will not need to sign a second copy. In such cases to view the referral fees simply sign up as a new Member lawyer and you will then be able to view the fees, once you are logged in.

Can I opt for payment of a fixed percentage of my fees instead of the flat rate?

You can and these are fixed at 15% of your aggregate invoiced legal fees, including any success/win/uplift fees (but excluding disbursements such as expert witness fees, counsel fees and court fees). Once you have registered, you will have access to the Oratto fee sharing agreement and you can sign it electronically via docusign directly from the Member login area.

When do I need to send a declaration?

You need to make regular monthly declarations of the accepted cases cases you have received through the website. Declarations must be sent within 7 days of the end of each calendar month.

Where should I send my declaration?

In the Member lawyers login area on the Oratto website, you will be able to complete the declaration and submit it to Oratto electronically via the platform.

What if a case I have taken on does not appear in the referral fee rates

Please contact us by email or telephone should any case you have received not match the criteria and rates within the referral fee table, so that we can discuss, calculate and agree the fees due to Oratto.

How should my referral fees be paid?

Referral fees should be paid within 7 working days of making your monthly declaration if you opt for a fixed rate per referral or within 7 days of receipt of funds if you opt for the fee sharing arrangement. Please pay by BACS using the bank details published within the Members login area of the website.