Losing a close friend or family member is traumatic in any circumstance. However, it is when the bureaucracy of death takes over, becoming a complicated and time-consuming burden, that things can seem particularly difficult, preventing those concerned from being able to grieve fully and without interruption.

From obtaining medical certificates to organising funerals and registering deaths, there are so many practical matters to attend to that handling the death of a loved one can begin to feel more like an administrative hurdle to overcome than the end of a precious life.

And this is not to mention probate, which can be the most complex, distressing and bureaucratical demand of all.

So, how do you go about simplifying the process of unlocking an estate so that it can be correctly distributed among its beneficiaries?

Finding a probate solicitor

Perhaps the single biggest thing you can do to lift the burden of the probate process is to find an effective and reliable probate solicitor – handling an estate as a layperson can be a bewildering experience.

Although DIY probate could be an option for certain, simple estates, a good probate solicitor can smooth the process for everyone; they know the territory, can free time for you and your family and can help you avoid any unexpected hitches, particularly in the case of complex and high value estates.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely to be a good idea to use the deceased’s bank or family firm to administer the estate (even if they are named as an executor) – not only might they lack the required level of expertise, they may also charge unexpectedly hefty fees.

If either a bank or family solicitor refuses to step down as executor, you can apply to the court and have them removed from the role and Oratto can help you with this.

Oratto is committed to helping Probate legal service users find the right solicitor for their needs so they can focus on the things that matter in the difficult weeks and months immediately following the loss of a loved one.

Finding the right service at the right price

Oratto's online probate quotation system enables you to quickly and easily compare a range of fixed fee probate and estate administration quotes either online or over the telephone.

We believe in choice, and we also believe in helping to make the process of choosing a probate solicitor clear rather than confusing. This is why our service enables you to outline your needs and to make a decision based on important information regarding the probate solicitor’s location, areas of specialism, qualifications, reviews, accreditations and fixed-fee offering.

We also ensure that all communication can be carried out over the phone or online, meaning that you will not have to visit the probate solicitor in their office unless you want to. You will have nothing to pay up-front – all fees and disbursements are paid from the estate only after probate has been settled.

Help with probate today

Oratto’s aim is to make the probate process as smooth and stress-free as possible. As part of this aim, all our member probate solicitors deliver the following:

  • A transparent fixed fee service where appropriate
  • A commitment to provide some of the most competitive and affordable pricing on the market
  • A desire to better your existing quote

Contact Oratto today so that we can connect you with the probate lawyer who is best suited to your individual circumstances.