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23 November 2016

At one time only musicians looked to get a 'gig'. The rest of us found 'proper jobs' that paid a fixed monthly salary with holidays and let us plan for the future with some legal rights.

Today more of us have left this traditional job model to try to make a living working for ourselves on one-off 'gigs' –as temporary workers, independent contractors or people selling their skills through websites. The 'gig economy' has firmly entered employment vocabulary, becoming a catch-all term for anything from Uber taxi drivers and Airbnb hosts to freelance professionals.

25 August 2016

Update on apprenticeships  

The government has recently confirmed that the apprenticeship levy will be implemented from April 2017 as originally proposed.

21 July 2016

House of Commons Justice Committee reports on court and tribunal fees

The House of Commons Justice Committee has recently published its critical review of Court and Tribunal Fees. The review covers the impact of Employment Tribunal Fees and notes there has been a steep decline (a drop of 70%) in the number of claims being brought. The report states that ET fees have had a significant adverse impact on access to justice for meritorious claims.

 The report sets out four main recommendations:

20 July 2016

It's official! Britain has voted to leave the European Union!

Whether they are cheering or crying into their cornflakes, employers across the country need to start thinking about the implications of Brexit for their business and their workforce.  So much of our employment law has originated from Europe so what will happen in practice once we are no longer part of the European Union?

23 June 2016


For our analysis of the likely impact of Brexit on employment law, please refer to the blog in April.  

Immigration Bill receives Royal Assent 

The Immigration Bill received Royal Assent on 12 May 2016 and is now the Immigration Act 2016. 

The Act introduces checks on illegal working and provisions to prevent the exploitation of migrant workers, such as: 

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